How to Grade Land – Using a Drag Sled

While you can accomplish this with a Back Hoe or a heavy Industrial Vehicle, a portable drag sled (which are available for purchase online) is an efficient way to grade your property, create unpaved roads, and remove unwanted shrubbery.

DR Power Grader Review
The Pond-Homesteading The Desert,  Nov. 2, 2017

Try Compost Toilets as an Alternative to Septic Systems

If you’re buying your property as a part-time vacation home, you may not actually need to spend a ton of money on a costly septic system. If you’re only using your property for a week or two at a time, there are many affordable compost toilets online that can be suitable for your situation. These compost toilets range in price from $50-1000. They are easy, portable, and provide an important basic necessity to a small structure at a fraction of the cost of installing a septic.

Composting Toilets: How Do They Work?
Compost #7 Exhaust Fan Install Switching Fan on Natures Head Composting Toilet

Off-Grid Energy Solutions

The solar energy industry is improving rapidly, and is also becoming more affordable and convenient! If you’re off-grid, solar ground systems can provide more than enough energy to run your structure. In fact – many studies show that they can actually produce more energy than traditional rooftop systems. The ability to set these up on the ground provides flexibility in terms of their location – allowing you to set them up out of harms way, and tilted/elevated at the best angle to get the most sunlight each day. Additionally, these portable ground systems are more affordable than the traditional roof systems.

Installing Solar on a Tiny Home